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Why Infrared Water Leak Detection? 

Often water leaks are obvious or easy to find in the bathroom or kitchen by physically noticing water dripping or leaking out. However, sometimes a larger than normal water bill or sounds coming from your walls or floors may catch your attention. 

Determing the source of hidden water leak isn't easy to do on your own. It will take an expert in the Water Leak Detection business to pinpoint the source before you continue to waste water and money. Our Water Leak experts use their training, advanced tools such as infrared thermography and ultrasonic listening devices to quickly locate the problem. 

How It Works

It is a simple concept, matched with the latest technology. For leak detection, an infrared imaging and measurement camera (called infrared thermography) along with listening devices are used to view and measure thermal energy (heat) produced by a structure. The infrared thermography camera produces images outlined in layers of "heat" radiation and measures it. It's a cost-effective and damage-reducing way for inspecting pipes and locating leaks. The heat of the pipes radiating toward a surface, even under floors, can easily be seen using an infrared camera. The camera provides precise temperature measurements without requiring intrusive or labor-intensive removing walls and floors to locate the problem.

It is a highly cost-effective diagnostic tool for determining the status and viability of pipes, sewer and gas lines and other plumbing structures. 

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We will find leaks without damaging property:

- Behind Walls
- Under Slabs/Asphalt
- Plumbing/Drains
- Sewer Systems
- Swimming Pools
- Spas/Fountains
- Radiant Heat Systems
- Irrigation Systems

Do you have a leak?
Water leaks can cause BIG problems!

- High Water Bills
- Dampness on floors or walls
- Water coming through foundation

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